About Me

I'm not your typical Virtual Assistant. I'm sweary, real and have an obsession with my cat that would drive any sane person crazy (he's like really cute though).

My techy career started with building custom, coded websites at the age of 10 dedicated to the love of my life, Johnathan Taylor Thomas and Neo Pet pages (that website is still there, yo!). 

Fast forward to now and 8 years of corporate life behind me, I decided to follow my dream of supporting creative business owners. I have worked for companies like Internet Business Mastery + well known Paleo bloggers. 

Not only am I well versed in all things administrative + technical, I have always had a passion for finding better solutions to every day tasks. I wouldn't necessarily call me lazy (although, lying around in my PJs with my cat is probably on the top of my to-do list), but I always knew there was a better way for everything we do. Now I love helping + showing business owners how they can implement small processes and automation to make their business run quicker, more smoothly and give them more time to focus on what they went into business for in the first place. 

Curious on what else I'm pretty bad ass at? Check out my services + contact me for a free consultation. 

XoXo - L.